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* [[Sodor Cement Works]]
* [[Sodor Cement Works]]
* [[Vicarstown Goods Depot]]
* [[Farmer McColl's Farm]] {{Mentioned}}
* [[Farmer McColl's Farm]] {{Mentioned}}
* [[Norramby Fishing Village]] {{Mentioned}}
* [[Norramby Fishing Village]] {{Mentioned}}

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Fergus' Fender Bender is the first episode of the fifth season of the Stories From Sodor:Future spin-off.


It was a snowy day on the Island of Sodor. Fergus had been shunting trucks and the snow was beginning to pile up.

“Bother this snow!” Fergus exclaimed, “It’s getting in the way of my work!”

Fergus tried to shunt a train of trucks, but the snow was piled up right behind it, and Fergus couldn’t pull it either, for the snow was stuck beneath each wheel.

Fergus tried and tried to get it to budge, but to no avail. Soon, Murdoch came in.

“Fergus, where is my train?” said Murdoch softly.

“Oh, hello Murdoch,” replied Fergus, "I’m tryin’ to get it to budge, but it won’t!”

“Have you tried asking your driver to dig some of the snow out from beneath the wheels?” whispered Murdoch.

“That’s a good idea, thank you Murdoch!” replied Fergus peppily.

The snow was shoveled out from underneath the trucks’ wheels and Fergus shunted the trucks for Murdoch.

Soon after, the Fat Controller arrived at the Cement Works.

“It has come to my attention that the snow has been making work difficult at the quarries and mines,” he announced, “So I have made the elective decision to close all quarries until the snow has subsided. Engines will work elsewhere.”

“Fergus,” Sir Topham Hatt directed, “you will work at Vicarstown Yards with Sidney.”

“Yes Sir!” Fergus replied, albeit a little disappointed not to be working at the Cement Works.

Fergus soon arrived at the Yards. Sidney was there waiting, confused like always.

“Hello Freddie. Or is it Ferdinand?”

“My name is Fergus.”

“Oh, yes, sorry,” replied Sidney. “The cattle trucks need to go to the harbor at Norramby and the salt vans need to go to Farmer McColl’s Farm. Wait, is it the other way around?”

“I would think so, Sidney.”

Fergus was beginning to get aggravated. “Sidney, if you can’t remember something as simple as where trucks go, are you truly fit for shunting?”

“Umm… Yes! Er, uh, no? Am I fit for shunting?”

“Oh, of course not Sidney!”

Fergus began angrily shunting trucks. “The cattle trucks go with the hay bales in the open wagons, and they all go to the farm, and the salt vans go with the utility vans that are going to Norramby Fishing Village! Do it right!”

Fergus biffed and bashed the trucks into place. He came across some L&B long trucks that were being used to transport power line cable spools. He bumped them into line with the other cars. The spools rolled around, threatening to fall off.

Fergus came along to some flatbeds with steel girders on them. He had to move them off of the points, as they were in the way. Unbeknownst to Fergus, they were buried in the snow. Fergus tried his hardest to pull them out of the snow, even melting the ice on the rails with his own wheels, but to no avail. He was trying and trying, pulling and tugging, and the trucks stayed there.

Then there was trouble. The coupling snapped, and Fergus was sent flying backwards! He skidded on the icy rails and hit the buffers. He was sent off the rails and into the brick wall. His large back bufferbeam was damaged.

“I’ll get a crane!” Sidney shouted, distressed. He came back with Kevin.

Fergus smiled, appreciating Sidney’s generosity. “Thank you, Sidney, thank you, Kevin. I don’t know what I was thinking… I was blinded with anger, trying to do everything right when you couldn’t.”

“I forgive you, Flora.”

Fergus was put back on the rails. He now knows that if somebody else can’t do something, you should be patient with them and try to help them.




  • This episode marks the first of several things:
    • The first episode to be written by TrainBoy227
    • Fergus' first main role and speaking role in Stories From Sodor:Future
    • The first appearance of the Sodor Cement Works in Stories From Sodor:Future
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