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Finnley "Finn" Pierce is a human character. He is the son of Quinn and Gabe.


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Finn is an adventurous teenage boy. He loves to try new things and go new places.

A very emotional person, Finn often lets his emotions dictate his actions.

No matter what Finn does, he always tries to give his all. He is especially concerned about being a good son, and becoming a good man in his future.

After losing his father when he was a baby, his search for a father figure had also been important, that is, until he developed close relationships with both Jacob and Kevin.

Finn also enjoys singing and acting very much, having discovered his natural talents with the help of Jacob and Emma. He also seems to want to learn about robotics.

Although he does not like to show it, Finn also has low self-esteem[1].

Finn also has a silly side, that seems to come out most often when he's with Jacob.


Finn is of average height and build for his age. He has medium length chestnut brown hair. He also has freckles on each cheek. He can often be seen wearing a white tee shirt with a red collar and red sleeves as well as a black hoodie and jeans.



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