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Flatbeds, conflats and well wagons are used for transporting large and heavy loads.


Flatbeds are bogie wagons with a flat surface. They are mainly used for transporting large loads such as girder beams, rails, timber, pipes and scrap metal. Some are also used for transporting small loads such as cargo and equipment.

On Misty Island, there are flatbeds designed for transporting logs.


The flatbeds are based on the Great Western Railway J28 Macaw B.


Conflats are small, four-wheeled wagons. They are used for transporting lighter and smaller loads, such as crates, short logs and small locomotives.


The conflats are based on the British Railways 13-ton conflats.


Well Wagons

Well wagons are flat wagons with a lowered section in the middle. They are used for transporting loads that would otherwise be too tall for a normal flatbed, such as heavy machinery, vehicles and locomotives.


The well wagons are based on the Great Western Railway 35-ton Crocodile G.

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