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This article is about the Off Color. You may be looking for the Keystone Railway engine.

If you don't mind my asking, what does off color mean?"
"You know, wrong."
"Not right, flawed."
"I don't see anything wrong with you."
"Padparadscha bounces and shakes."
"Rhodonite’s firebox gets clogged when coal is put in it."
"And her boiler doesn't work properly."
"Fluorite is too large to go around most bends."
And Rutile’s gem came out of the ground wrong, so they were built wrong.

Fluorite is one of the Off Colors.


Stories From Sodor

Crystal Island Adventures

Fluorite first came to Crystal Island with the other Off Colors. She quickly became friends with Bismuth, who took her, Rhodonite, and Padparadscha to the Steamworks to be overhauled. She also quickly became friends with Murdoch, Victor, Kevin, Sam, Edward, and Henry[1]. Later, Fluorite and the other Off Colors told the other engines on Crystal Island about their pasts on the Keystone Railway. They revealed that had they have run away to Crystal Island, they would have all been scrapped for not working properly[2].


Fluorite is a calm and wise Gem who is looked up to and respected by the other Off Colors. She often gives advice and speaks her mind, using her noticeably slow and deep voice[3].


Fluorite is a freelance design. However, her shape prior to her overhaul slightly resembles that of a BR Standard Class 9F. Murdoch and Marie are members of this class.

Her shape after her overhaul slightly resembles that of a Virginian Railway Class AG, also known as the "Blue Ridge". Sam is a member of this class.


Fluorite is painted sky blue with dark purple lining. She has black tender wheels. Before her overhaul, she had her name on the side of her cab in dark purple. Following her overhaul, her name has been printed on her boiler instead. She has four of her six gems on her tender and the other two behind her smokebox.


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