Fredrik is an engine from Sweden who competed in the Great Railway Show


Fredrik competed at The Great Railway Show. He competed in the shunting competition, alongside Emil, Ashima, Ivan, Thomas, Gina, Raul, Philip, Rosie, and Madison. He was the only tender engine to compete in the shunting competition, which prompted some teasing from Gordon, Marie, and Spencer. Brady defended him, and the two became friends[1].


Fredrik is quiet and shy. He is often teased by other engines, and because of this, has little self-confidence.


Fredrik is based on a Swedish State Railways Class A 4-4-2 tender engine. Only 26 of these locomotives were built and 17 were scrapped.


Fredrik is painted blue with yellow lining. He has the Swedish flag on his tender.


  • Fredrik's colours (blue and yellow) are based on the colors of the Swedish flag.


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