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Friendly Faces Around Sodor is a miniseries released after the tenth season. It follows the lives of some of the engines and automobiles on Sodor, Crystal Island, the Mainland, and the Keystone Railway.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
Nia(episode)1NiaLee Pressmen (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#01
Nia is a really clever engine and knows about all sorts of things, but when Sir Topham Hatt asks her to take Annie and Clarabel and pick up passengers from Knapford Station, Nia has great trouble finding the right platform.

Note: Adaptation of Counting on Nia.

Rebecca(episode)3RebeccaDavey Moore (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#02
A new engine named Rebecca arrives on Sodor, and not to feel inferior to the others, which are very fast, always starting early, because they are afraid of being late. Later, Rebecca is always kind and smiles at everyone but does not feel as special as the other engines.

Note: Adaptation of Confusion Without Delay and What Rebecca Does

TheSodorAwards5Lexi, Theo, and MerlinJacobacranmerTBA#03
Lexi, Theo, and Merlin asked to help Hurricane and Frankie at the Steelworks.
HurricanePromo3Hurricane and FrankieJacobacranmerTBA#04
A day at the Mainland Steelworks is profiled.
A day at the Ffarquhar Quarry is profiled.
Amethyst,Ruby,andSapphirePromoRuby, Sapphire, and AmethystJacobacranmerTBA#06
Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire bring a train of gemstones to Sodor from Crystal Island.
BismuthandTopazPromoBismuth and TopazJacobacranmerTBA#7
A day for Bismuth and Topaz is profiled.
Angel,Star,andIolitePromoIolite and AngelJacobacranmerTBA#8
A day for Iolite and Angel is profiled.
AmethystandCitrine(KR)PromoAmethyst and CitrineJacobacranmerTBA#9
A day for Citrine and Amethyst is profiled.
StarandAmetrinePromoStar and AmetrineJacobacranmerTBA#10
A day for Star and Ametrine is profiled.
MadisonSpriteRosie and MadisonJacobacranmerTBA#11
Rosie and Madison are asked to help out at the Ffarquhar Quarry.
MarieSprite(Post-NWR)Murdoch and MarieJacobacranmerTBA#12
A day for Murdoch and Marie is profiled.
DawnSpritePorter, Dawn, and LeviJacobacranmerTBA#13
A day for Porter, Dawn, and Levi is profiled.
JackieSpriteDuck and JackieJacobacranmerTBA#14
A day for Duck and Jackie is profiled.
OliverandtheTrucks27Oliver and ToadJacobacranmerTBA#15
A day for Oliver and Toad is profiled.
TheNewLine12Donald and DouglasJacobacranmerTBA#16
A day for Donald and Douglas is profiled.
Bill,Ben,andConnor1Bill and BenJacobacranmerTBA#17
A day for Bill and Ben is profiled.
A day for Salty is profiled.
BigMickeyCarly&CrankyPromoCranky, Carly, and Big MickeyJacobacranmerTBA#19
A day for Cranky, Carly, and Big Mickey is profiled.
Garnet2Garnet, Ruby, and SapphireJacobacranmerTBA#20
A day for Garnet, Ruby, and Sapphire is profiled.
Peridot2Peridot and LapisJacobacranmerTBA#21
A day for Peridot and Lapis is profiled.
Quartz2Pearl and QuartzJacobacranmerTBA#22
A day for Pearl and Quartz is profiled.
StarStar and QuartzJacobacranmerTBA#23
A day for Star and Quartz is profiled.
RoseSpriteDiesel and RoseJacobacranmerTBA#24
A day for Diesel and Rose is profiled.
DaisytheDieselRailcar4Daisy and BulgyJacobacranmerTBA#25
Bulgy is sent to help out on the Harwick Branch Line, and he and Daisy become competitive with each other.
BertieBertie and BulgyJacobacranmerTBA#26
A day for Bertie and Bulgy is profiled.
HomesickDeletedScene1Duck and OliverJacobacranmerTBA#27
A day for Duck and Oliver is profiled.
FlyingScotsmanCGI3Flying Scotsman and MallardJacobacranmerTBA#28
A day for Mallard and Flying Scotsman is profiled.
A day for Caroline is profiled.
A day for George is profiled.
OliviaSpriteBrady, Benjamin, Olivia, and KylieJacobacranmerTBA#31
A day for Brady, Benjamin, Olivia, and Kylie is profiled.
OceanOcean and WinzaJacobacranmerTBA#32
A day for Ocean and Winza is profiled.
A day for Culdee is profiled.
SirHandel(episode)5Skarloey and RheneasJacobacranmerTBA#34
A day for Skarloey and Rheneas is profiled.
DuketheOldEngine40Sir Handel and Peter SamJacobacranmerTBA#35
A day for Sir Handel and Peter Sam is profiled.
DuketheOldEngine41Duke, Stuart, and FalconJacobacranmerTBA#36
A day for Sir Handel, Duke, and Peter Sam is profiled.
BenjaminSpriteBrady and BenjaminJacobacranmerTBA#37
A day for Brady and Benjamin is profiled.
Diesel10CallingAllEnginespromo2Diesel 10JacobacranmerTBA#38
A day for Diesel 10 is profiled.
A day for Carnelian is profiled.
SFSLogoThe DiamondsJacobacranmerTBA#40
A day for the Diamonds on the Keystone Railway is profiled.
SFSLogoThe PearlsJacobacranmerTBA#41
A day for the Pearls on the Keystone Railway is profiled.
JordynSpriteEdward and JordynJacobacranmerTBA#42
A day for Edward and Jordyn is profiled.
FloraModelToby and FloraJacobacranmerTBA#43
A day for Toby and Flora is profiled.




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