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The Funfair Train, (also known as The Funfair Special, or The Carnival Train/Special in the US narration) is a train consisting of colourful rolling stock. It is popular among the engines. The train usually consist of trucks that transport carousels, roller coasters, bumper cars, a ferris wheel, a helter skelter, a bandstand, tents, the Chinese Dragon, and a fireworks display.


Thomas & Friends

Every year, the Fat Controller's funfair comes to Sodor much to the excitement of all of the children and engines. In its first appearance, the engines were kept very busy delivering items to help set up the fair. When the generator broke down, Thomas had to deliver a new one to power the attractions at the fair.

In its second appearance, Gordon took the fairground folk in the Express Coaches. While, Toby brought the bumper cars, Edward hauled the carousel, Henry pulled the roller coaster, James and Emily brought the Ferris wheel, and Thomas collected the fireworks and the Chinese dragon. Percy later delivered coal to Emily and James after they had ran out while pulling the Ferris wheel.

When the railway was preparing for "Sodor Day", Molly was seen pulling the Funfair Train.

Sometime afterwards, Emily was chosen to pull the funfair train from Brendam Docks with Rosie as her back-engine, but Rosie wanted to pull the train alone. Rosie left with half of the train, but unbeknownst to her, the couplings between the trucks broke. First, the coupling snapped between half of the trucks at Brendam Docks. Then the coconut truck crashed into the level crossing blocking Bertie's path. A sugar truck later crashed into Stepney, and the flatbed with the Ferris Wheel seats crashed into Emily who was bringing the rest of the train. Rosie realised her mistake, and fetched Rocky to clear the line. Soon the two engines coupled up and arrived at Maithwaite where the funfair took place just in time.

List of Funfair rolling stock used in the television series:


In the television series, the trucks are based on 7-plank open wagons. The vans were based on LNER 12 ton van & GWR cattle trucks. The flatbeds are GWR J28 Macaw B flatbeds. The brake vans are based on a BR Standard 20 Ton brake van and a GWR Toad brake van. There were also 1-plank trucks with containers on top of it which could be removed.


List of 7-Plank open wagon liveries:

The 7-plank trucks are commonly painted dark blue with black frames, but have also been seen in dark red with black frames and aqua blue with grey frames. There have also been blue trucks with Funfair logos on their sides.

List of LNER 12 Ton Vans liveries:

The LNER 12 ton vans are painted red, dark blue and yellow. They have white buffer-housings and roofs. They have white parallel stripes with yellow, red and blue starts. They also have a golden star with black outing on their doors. The red vans have a dark blue running board, while the blue vans have red ones.

A fireworks van painted dark brown with a fireworks logo has also been seen part of the train.

List of Horse Boxes liveries: The Horse Boxes are painted red and yellow with white frames and dark grey roofs. They also have a golden star with black outing on their doors.

List of 1-Plank trucks with added containers liveries:

The 1-plank trucks are painted red with black frames. One container is painted red with blue and white stripes (with blue stars) and carries the funfair logo. Another container is also painted red with yellow markings and also has the funfair logo. A 3rd container is painted red, dark blue and yellow with white parallel stripes with yellow, red and blue starts.

List of flatbeds liveries:

The funfair flatbeds are painted yellow and red. Standard grey flatbeds have also been used.