If her name is Goldstone, why is she blue?
That's because she's a Blue Goldstone.
She was only named Goldstone because we don't have any other Goldstones here.

Amethyst, Iolite, and Angel about Goldstone's colour, "A Keystone Trip", Crystal Island Adventures

Goldstone is one of the gem engines from the Keystone Railway.


Stories From Sodor

Crystal Island Adventures

In Goldstone's first appearance, she was seen shunting cars, bossing around Pietersite, and later in the engine sheds[1].


Iolite and Angel have stated that she is very authoritative, but also very kind and friendly. It was also stated that she tends to take charge.


Goldstone is a freelance design. The design of her tender is based on Merlin and Bert's tenders.


Goldstone is painted light blue with gold lining. She has a gold bufferbeam/footplate, gold wheels, a gold dome, and black tender wheels. She also has a light blue gemstone with gold specs on her tender.


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