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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts showing Thomas, James, and Oliver puffing through Tidmouth Bay station. Thomas is pulling Annie and Clarabel, James is pulling a train of vans, and Oliver is pulling red branch line coaches. As they puff through the station, the narrator speaks.
Narrator It was a very special day on the Island of Sodor. Today was the day Jacob, Sierra, Kira and their friends were to graduate high school. All the engines were helping to prepare for the festivities. Following the graduation ceremony, there was to be a big party for the three of them at Knapford Station.
The scene changes to Knapford Station. Gordon, Edward, and Rebecca are all there.
Edward I can't believe they're already graduating high school.
Gordon I know. It feels like just yesterday they were helping us find the kidnapped controllers.
Rebecca The controllers got kidnapped?
Edward Have we never told you that story, Rebecca?
Rebecca No, but I'd love to hear it.
Edward Well, I'll-
Gordon (interrupting Edward) I'll tell the story Edward.
As Gordon tells the story, there are flashbacks to the events he discusses from The Search for the Controllers Part 1, The Search for the Controllers Part 2, and The Search for the Controllers Part 3.
Gordon It was Christmas Eve, before you arrived, more specifically, about four years ago. Kira, who had been a British exchange student at Jacob and Sierra's school in America, had invited the two to come to Sodor for the holidays. The two of them were coming to our annual Christmas party with the Skarloey Railway engines, but Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival never showed up. We looked everywhere, but nobody could find them. Then, Jacob figured out that it was one of their childhood enemies that had kidnapped the controllers, and the two were able to save all of them.
Rebecca Wow! That sounds incredible!
The camera shifts to Philip who has just shunted Gordon's coaches behind him.
Philip I wish I could have an adventure like that.
Gordon I can assure you, little Philip, that you do not want to have to go through that.

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