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Haiku is a private black diesel who takes a poet around the busy country of Japan.


Stories From Sodor

Friends Around the World

Kiyoshi once visited Tokyo Docks, where he met Haiku. Noticing she was depressed, Kiyoshi tried to cheer her up[1].

Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up

Season 1

Haiku once visited Sodor. While she was there, she met the members of the Wellsworth High School Poetry Club[2].


Haiku is a really pessimistic and sad engine, not much makes her happy. She, as her name would tell you, is good at writing poetry, which is something few engines are good at, and one of the few things that makes her happier. Despite all of this, she is a really good friend, as anyone who has met her would say.


Haiku is black all around, by her own choice, with no visible lining or number, and there is no telling what her original livery and number were.



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