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Harvey's different."
"He doesn't even look like an engine."
"Surely the Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt won't let him pull coaches."
"He's just Cranky on wheels!"
"He's not taking my mail!

Template:Infobox episode/Draft Harvey the Crane Engine is the twenty-sixth episode of the Engine Friends miniseries.


A new engine with a crane on his boiler named Harvey has arrived. But before the Fat Controller keeps him, he wants to see Harvey demonstrate his worth to the Railway Board. But the other engines do not like him due to his looks, and are very rude to him in the sheds. Harvey is upset by this, but Thomas reassures him that the engines just need to take time to adjust to him. The next day, Harvey still feels discomforted and tells the Fat Controller that he does not think he should have come to Sodor in the first place. The Fat Controller replies by saying that him being different that is what makes him special, which makes Harvey feel better.

Meanwhile, Percy's trucks get out of control and derail at Bulgy's Bridge, blocking the road. Bertie is taking the Railway Board to the demonstration, but cannot get past the derailed trucks. The Fat Controller calls for Harvey who soon arrives to help, coincidentally creating a demonstration for the Railway Board. Harvey sorts out the accident scene so well, that the Board allows him to stay. Harvey is delighted, and even more when that night at the sheds all the other engines agree he is really useful just like Thomas said, and soon he is friends with all of them.



  • This episode is an adaptation of the sixth season episode, Harvey to the Rescue.
  • A reference to the first season episode, Thomas and Bertie's Great Race, and likewise the Engine Friends episode, Bertie the Bus, is made in this episode.
  • Stock footage from Saving Benjamin is used.

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