International Friends Near and Far is a miniseries following the twelfth season.


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Written by Original release date Episode Number Adaptation of
ThomasandHongMei3Thomas and Hong-MeiDavey Moore (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#01Number One Engine
Thomas is in China racing Hong-Mei in a bid to become the No. 1 Engine.
A day for Delilah in Egypt is profiled.
MainKwakuCGIA Busy Day at Dar es SalaamJacobacranmerTBA#03N/A
Kwaku and Zane are working hard at Dar es Salaam Docks.
ZaneSpriteNew Friends From AfricaJacobacranmerTBA#04N/A
Delilah takes some cars from Egypt to Dar es Salaam Docks, where she meets Kwaku and Zane for the first time.
ThomasandtheElephant3Thomas and the ElephantBecky Overton (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#05Trusty Trunky
Thomas learns that elephants in India really can shunt trucks.
ThomasandtheRunawayTruck1Thomas and the Runaway TruckDavey Moore (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#06Runaway Truck
A truck runs out of control down the line, and Yong Bao and Thomas must stop it.
ChineseNewYear13Chinese New YearDavey Moore (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#07Thomas and the Dragon
It's the time of the Spring Festival, in which the New Year is celebrated in China. Yong Bao asks Thomas to bring the dragon that will serve for the festivities in the big city square.
ShaneA Visit HomeJacobacranmerTBA#08N/A
Shane and Brady visit Australia.
BradySpriteVisiting the SteelworksJacobacranmerTBA#09N/A
Brady is sent to the Mainland Steelworks to help Hurricane and Frankie.
IvanpromoUntitled EpisodeJacobacranmerTBA#10N/A
Brady visits Russia and meets Ivan.
ThomasandtheMonkeys1Thomas and the MonkeysBecky Overton (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#11Thomas and the Monkey Palace
The head of the Indian railways tells Thomas to go and get some coconuts to give them to the passengers. Thomas, however, is intrigued by the Palace of the Monkeys.
ThomastheMovieStar1Thomas the Movie StarBecky Overton (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#12Thomas Goes to Bollywood
During his period of work on the Indian railway, Thomas attends the shooting of a Bollywood film.
ThomasSavestheTigers1Thomas Saves the TigersBecky Overton (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#13Tiger Trouble
Thomas, Rajiv and Shankar have to save some tigers from being captured by one of Rajiv's passengers.
ThomasandtheWaterWheel1Thomas and the Water WheelDavey Moore (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#14The Water Wheel
Thomas is transporting a water wheel, but it gets knocked off of his flatbed.
ThomasandtheStorm1Thomas and the StormTim Bain (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#15Cyclone Thomas
Thomas wants to be just like Isla, a Flying Doctor's plane, who transports Dr Claire to remote places where it's hard for patients to get to hospitals or doctors for treatment.
ThomasandtheGiantPandas1Thomas and the Giant PandasDavey Moore (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#16Thomas in the Wild
Thomas takes a film crew to a nature reserve in China.
ThomasintheOutback1Thomas in the OutbackTim Bain (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#17Outback Thomas
Thomas sees Shane taking passengers on an outback adventure and is really impressed by Shane's showmanship - Shane tells his passengers stories about the outback, while cracking jokes.
ThomasandtheBushfire1Thomas and the BushfireTim Bain (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#18Banjo and the Bushfire
Thomas offers a lift to a ranger while working in the Australian Rainforest. Thomas is excited to learn from her about all the animals that live there, but he is too loud and impatient to be very useful.
ShankarJacob's New FriendJacobacranmerTBA#19N/A
Jacob travels to India and becomes friends with Shankar.
DigsandDiscoveries3Digs and DiscoveriesBecky Overton (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#20All Tracks Lead to Rome & Mines of Mystery
Thomas and the Sodor Construction Company travel to Italy, where they meet new friends and make exciting discoveries. Then, Lorenzo, who is a little too curious, ends up in a mine.
GustavoThomas and GustavoDavey Moore (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#21The Other Big Engine
Thomas meets another big blue engine in Brazil that reminds him of Gordon.
RajivandHisCrown1Rajiv and His CrownCamille Ucan & Rose Johnson (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#22Crowning Around
Rajiv learns that he can be really useful with or without his crown.
CrankytheCrane6James and RajivJacobacranmerTBA#23N/A
James travels to India and runs into Rajiv.
ThomasandRaul1Thomas and RaulDavey Moore (original); Adaptation by JacobacranmerTBA#24Grudge Match
Raul wants to beat Thomas in a game, but his competitive nature soon gets him into trouble.
SFSLogoJacob's New MusicJacobacranmerTBA#25N/A
While in Brazil, Jacob learns about Batucada music.


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  • The title card for this miniseries is identical to that of the Around the World miniseries.
International Friends Near And Far

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