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This article is about the engine. You may be looking for the episode.

Jacqueline, also known by her nickname, Jackie, is a green pannier tank engine that works on Duck's Branch Line.


Stories From Sodor

Season 4

When Jackie first came to the North Western Railway, Duck was not happy. He was always irritated with how happy she always was. When Jackie overheard Duck say this to Bert, she puffed away as fast as she could until she ended up at Crovan's Gate. Duck later apologized and the two are now good friends. She had also refused to shunt coaches for Gordon, Henry, James, and Marie after the big engines were rude to her. After they didn't shunt their own coaches, the big engines were shut up in their sheds. This led to Jackie and Madison to double head the Express that evening[1]

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Season 13

Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up

Season 1

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Season 1

Jacob, Kevin, and Friends:Past Adventures

Season 9


Jackie is always happy. She's also very kind and energetic.


Jackie is based on a Great Western Railway 57xx Class 0-6-0 pannier tank engine with added sand boxes. 863 of these engines were built by various manufacturers over a 21 year period, making it the most produced class of British tank engine. Duck is also a member of this class.


Jackie was originally painted pink with blue lining, blue wheels, and her name on her tanks in blue. In the thirteenth season, Jackie was repainted in a North Western Railway green livery with red lining, red wheels, and her name on her tanks in red[2].

Originally, several other liveries were considered for Jackie, including green with blue lining, purple with blue lining, two-tone purple, two-tone blue, and blue with yellow lining.

In the ninth season of Jacob, Kevin, and Friends:Past Adventures, it was revealed that when she was first built, Jackie was painted in GWR green with yellow lining.


  • Jackie's name is a reference to Duck's name in the Greek dub of the second through fourth series of the television series.