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Jackson is a student at Wellsworth High School.


Stories From Sodor

Stories of the Sophomores

In Jackson's first appearance, he had just moved to Sodor from Baltimore in the United States. When Jackson was having trouble opening his locker, Jacob stopped and helped, and the two quickly became friends. Jacob later introduced Jackson to Connor, Meg, Kira, and Sierra[1].

Season 11

Later, Jackson was one of the people who encouraged Jacob to go to America to film Battlebots[2].

Jackson later ended up going with him, as the filming was taking place in Baltimore[3].

Later, Jackson offered to help Jacob and Connor when they seemed overwhelmed, only to be turned down[4].

The Search for the Missing Friends

Later, Jackson didn't know where Thomas and Jacob had gone, and he was one of the characters who sang Where in the World are Thomas and Jacob? while searching for them[5].

Jacob And Friends:All Grown Up


Jackson is very kind. He never has a bad word to say about anybody, and is always there for a friend in need.


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