Jacob is a human character.


Stories From Sodor

Jacob first appeared when he, along with Sierra, Cassie, and Caroline, came to Sodor for the first time to visit Kira and her family [1]. Later, Jacob and Sierra decided to stay on Sodor.

Later on, he, Sierra, and Rosie were taking a train of stone from Anopha Quarry to Brendam. However, Jacob was very impatient, and did not wait for a brake van before leaving the quarry. Because of this, they had trouble getting up Gordon's Hill until Oliver, Cassie, and Kira came along and helped them up the hill. However, Jacob did not want to stop to uncouple Oliver, and this lead to Rosie and Oliver having an accident in Henry's Forest. Jacob later apologized for causing the accident [2]. Later, Jacob convinced Sir Topham Hatt to restore Glynn[3] and he threw surprise birthday parties for Cassie[4] and Caroline[5].

Later, Jacob threw a surprise birthday party for Sierra[6]. After that, Jacob, Sierra, Kira, and Cassie were sent to work with Dailey, Damian, Dawson, and David at the China Clay Pits. The quadruplets' constant arguing bothered Jacob. However, by the end of their day working together, the Quadruplets had learned not to argue all the time, and all are now friends [7].


Jacob is a kind, quiet boy. He is smart and a bit nerdy, but is also very boyish and loves to get his hands dirty. He is also very friendly, dramatic, and stubborn. He also gets very angry when someone else tells him he can't do something. He is not without insecurities, however, and often gets himself down when he thinks he can't do something. He also has a tendency to take on more things than he can handle, such as when he and Connor tried to do Sierra and Kira's work in addition to their own.


Jacob always wears green. In the autumn and spring, he can usually be found wearing a green hoodie with blue jeans. In the summer, he can usually be found wearing a green t-shirt and blue shorts. In the winter, he can usually be found wearing a green coat with blue jeans.


"Who was that?"
"That's Glynn. He was the original engine that ran this branch line.
— Jacob and Thomas about Glynn, Back In Service, season 1

"Well since we are going to take these passengers to Knapford,when we get there we are going to ask Sir Topham Hatt if we can cut away the weeds from around Glynn and take him to the Steamworks for Victor to fix him so he can run again."
— Jacob, Back In Service, season 1

"What's wrong guys?"
"Oh, nothing. We're just a little homesick."
"But, Ms. Sierra, how could you be sick of a wonderful place like Sodor?"
"No, Toad homesick means that we miss our home, not that we're sick of yours."
"Oh, sorry, Mr. Jacob."
"That's alright, Toad. After, all you gave us a good laugh.
Duck, Sierra, Jacob, and Toad, Homesick, season 1

"I don't think it's very wise of Mr. Hatt to leave those two immature children in charge of us."
"They're not children anymore, Marie. They're 16 now."
"And anyway, they've been on Sodor, taking care of themselves for like 3 years now. I think if they can take care of themselves for that long, then they can certainly take care of all of us for a week."
"They're still young, and they surely aren't responsible enough to take care of a railway as big as this one."
"I hate to admit it but, Marie’s right. This railway should not be left in the hand of two incompetent and irresponsible children.
— Marie, Rosie, Madison, and Rose about Jacob and Sierra, The Substitute Controller, Season 9

"I can not believe those two are rude enough to say those things about Jacob and Sierra."
"I know! It's so inconsiderate!"
"It is indeed! Someone should say something. I think it should be Gor-"
"I'll do it. Jacob is my best friend, after all.
— Edward, Henry, James, and Duck upset with Marie and Rose, The Substitute Controller, Season 9

"I wish I could travel the world."
— Jacob, The Search for the Missing Friends

"I'll never get to be a Broadway actor!"
— Jacob thinking he won't be able to follow his dreams, Dreams, Season 12


  • Jacob is one of only two characters to be the main character in at least one episode in every season, with the other being Sierra.
  • Jacobacranmer, Jacob's creator, based the character on himself.


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