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Jacob is a human character and the current controller of the Sudrian Crystal Railway.


Stories From Sodor

The Search for the Controllers

Jacob first appeared when he, along with Sierra, Cassie, and Caroline, came to Sodor for the first time to visit Kira and her family [1]. Later, Jacob and Sierra decided to stay on Sodor.

Season 1

Later on, he, Sierra, and Rosie were taking a train of stone from Anopha Quarry to Brendam. However, Jacob was very impatient, and did not wait for a brake van before leaving the quarry. Because of this, they had trouble getting up Gordon's Hill until Oliver, Cassie, and Kira came along and helped them up the hill. However, Jacob did not want to stop to uncouple Oliver, and this lead to Rosie and Oliver having an accident in Henry's Forest. Jacob later apologized for causing the accident [2]. Later, Jacob convinced Sir Topham Hatt to restore Glynn[3] and he threw surprise birthday parties for Cassie[4] and Caroline[5].

Season 2

Later, Jacob threw a surprise birthday party for Sierra[6]. After that, Jacob, Sierra, Kira, and Cassie were sent to work with Dailey, Dawson, Damian, and David at the China Clay Pits. The quadruplets' constant arguing bothered Jacob. However, by the end of their day working together, the Quadruplets had learned not to argue all the time, and all are now friends [7].

Season 3

Season 4

Calling All Engines, Again!

Season 5

Sodor and the Storm

Season 6

The Great Railway Show

Stories of the Sophomores

Spooktacular Stories

Season 7

Season 8

Crystal Island Adventures

A Trip to America

Season 9

Season 10

Season 11

The Search for the Missing Friends

Season 12

Season 13

Season 14

Friends Around the World

While studying with Jackson at Tidmouth University, Jacob decided to enter the foreign exchange program the university offered. The program sent Jacob to China. While there, he became friends with Hong-Mei, Yong Bao , and Ni Shurong[8]. A few weeks later, Hong-Mei drove Jacob back home to Sodor. However, she broke down while they were passing through Warsaw Goods Yard. While Hong-Mei was being repaired, Jacob, with help from Aldona, Bonifacy, Michal, and Iga, held a Great Engine Games in the yard[9].

Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up

Season 1

By the time Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up Season 1 takes place, Jacob had graduated from Tidmouth University and had gotten a job as the new choir director at Wellsworth High School, replacing the recently retired Mrs. Edwards, whom he had when he went to the school[10]

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 1


In Youth

Jacob was a kind, quiet boy. He was smart and a bit nerdy, but was also very boyish and loved to get his hands dirty. He was also very friendly, dramatic, and stubborn. He would also get very angry when someone else would tell him he can't do something. He was not without insecurities, however, and often got himself down when he thought he couldn't do something. He also had a tendency to take on more things than he can handle, such as when he and Connor tried to do Sierra and Kira's work in addition to their own. He had also been shown to be very loyal. Contrarily, Jacob had also been shown to hold grudges against those who have wronged him, but usually forgave them in time, as was the case with Paige. He had also been shown to have a great interest in music and theatre. He has also been shown to be very competitive, especially with auditions.

In Adulthood

In adulthood, Jacob is still kind, smart, loyal, friendly, dramatic, and stubborn.

Jacob has good leadership skills and is a good authority figure, although he still tends to take on more work than he can handle, sometimes to the point of illness due to exhaustion.

He also has a more sarcastic and cynical side, and has a tendency to be a realist as opposed to the optimist he was when he was younger. Not above throwing a little shade, however, Jacob will not hesitate to slyly throw insults when an opportunity arises.

He still has a great interest in music and theatre. He is good with children, and was a good teacher because of this. Jacob also tends to have trouble letting go of those he cares about, as was the case with Kevin.


Jacob is of average height and build. He has dark brown, medium length hair and teal eyes.

As a kid, Jacob always wore green. In the autumn and spring, he can usually be found wearing a green hoodie with blue jeans. In the summer, he can usually be found wearing a green t-shirt and blue shorts. In the winter, he can usually be found wearing a green coat with blue jeans.

As an adult, Jacob wears a dark green suit with a light green shirt and white bowtie.


  • Jacobacranmer, Jacob's creator, based the character on himself.
  • Until the fourth season of Stories From Sodor:Future, Jacob was the only character to have at least one main role in every season.
  • Four of Jacob's five known girlfriends (Emma, Hannah, Mallory and Anna), have had double letters in the middle of their names, with Katie being the only one not to follow this pattern.
  • Originally, Jacob was going to have social anxiety and depression. However, these were later cut out, as the writer thought it would make several episodes too sad and depressing.
  • One of Jacob's favorite animals is the tiger.


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