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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts one day on the Indian Railway. Brady can be seen at Varkala Railway Station. Jacob can be seen in his cab.
Narrator One day, Jacob and Brady were visiting the Indian Railway, where their friend, Ashima worked.
Brady and Jacob then can be seen going to the Indian Railway Shunting Yard, where Ashima is shunting.
Ashima So, what do you two think of our railway?
Jacob It's very busy, just like on Sodor.
Rajiv puffs over to them.
Rajiv Yes, indeed. Our railway is one of the busiest and most glamorous in the whole world. Now, I know what you're thinking.
Brady You do?
Rajiv You're thinking “just look at that crown”.
Jacob Ummm
Brady We were?
Ashima Why don't you introduce yourself first, Rajiv?
Rajiv (proudly) Ah, yes, I am Rajiv, the royal engine. The pleasure is all yours.
Noor Jehan’s horn can be heard. She is then shown going by the three engines.
Noor Jehan Just because you have a crown does not mean you are royal.