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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins one day at Tidmouth station. Jacob, who is now 22 years old is standing on the platform when Jackie arrives pulling Hannah.
Jacob Morning, Jackie. Morning, Hannah.
Jackie Good morning, Jacob. Where are you headed today?
Jacob Wellsworth. I've got a job interview at the high school.
Hannah Wow, only 2 days out of university and you've already got a job interview. How exciting!
Jacob I know! I'm a bit nervous though. This'll be my first actual job interview.
Jackie I'm sure you'll be just fine.
Hannah Jackie's right. They'd be crazy not to hire you.
Jackie That's very true.
Jacob Thanks, guys.
Jackie Well, climb aboard and we'll take you to your interview.
Jacob boards Hannah and the trio leave the station.
The scene changes to Wellsworth a little bit later. Edward is leaving the station when Jackie, Jacob, and Hannah arrive. When Jackie stops at the station platform, Jacob disembarks.
Jacob Thank you both for the ride.
Jackie You're welcome, Jacob.
Hannah Good luck with your interview.
Jacob Thank you.
The scene changes to the office of Wellsworth High School. Margaret, the school secretary is sitting at her desk, when Jacob walks in. Margaret looks up and smiles, taken slightly aback.
Margaret (slightly shocked to see Jacob) Well, if it isn't Mr. Jacob Cranmer. What are you doing back here?
Jacob I'm here to interview for the job as new choir director.
Margaret Well, in that case, I'll go tell Principal Dean you're here.
Margaret pokes her head into Principal Dean's office. She can be heard telling him Jacob has arrived before coming back out and returning to her desk.
Margaret You can head on back now.
Jacob Thanks, Margie.
Jacob enters Principal Dean's office. When he does, Principal Dean is sitting at his desk with Mrs. Edwards sitting next to him. Jacob shakes hands with both of them.
Jacob Good afternoon, Principal Dean, Mrs. Edwards.
Principal Dean Good afternoon, Mr. Cranmer. Please, have a seat.
Jacob sits in a chair opposite Principal Dean and Mrs. Edwards.
Principal Dean (getting right down to business) Now then, why do you want this position?
Jacob To put it plainly, Mrs. Edwards helped me so much growing up and showed me that choir was something I really enjoyed. She also inspired me to sing throughout junior and senior high school as well as in university and I hope that I can be that kind of inspiration for other students.
This response makes Mrs. Edwards smile.
Principal Dean And what skills do you have that would help you as choral director?
Jacob Well, I can read music, play piano, and, of course, sing.
The scene changes to the end of the interview about 30 minutes later. Principal Dean and Mrs. Edwards are both looking satisfied. Principal Dean then stands.
Principal Dean Well, Mr. Cranmer, I think Mrs. Edwards and I both agree that you are the perfect choice to fill the position as the new choir director here at Wellsworth. Welcome to the team.
Jacob (happily; shaking hands with Principal Dean) Thank you both. You won't regret this, I can promise you that.
Mrs. Edwards hands Jacob a set of keys.
Mrs. Edwards Here are the keys for the classroom.
Jacob I won't disappoint you.
Mrs. Edwards I know you won't.
The scene changes to a few minutes later. Jacob is walking down the hallway leading to the music classroom. Emma walks up to him, surprised to see him.
Emma (surprised) Jacob? Jacob Cranmer? What are you doing here?"
Jacob (equally surprised) Emma? What are you doing here?
Emma I asked you first.
Jacob Well, I'm the new choir director. Now, what are you doing here?
Emma I'm the new drama teacher.
Jacob What about Mrs. Allison?
Emma She retired, too.
Jacob Really? I did not know that. Well, I guess we're working together now then.
Emma I guess so.
The scene changes to a little bit later. Jacob and Emma are both in the music classroom talking.
Emma So, how's everyone else?
Jacob Everyone else who?
Emma You know, Sierra, Kira, Meg, Connor, and Jackson.
Jacob Well, Sierra is still at law school in America, Connor is in America doing who knows what, Kira is the new controller of the North Western Railway, and I don't know where Meg and Jackson are or what they're doing. I mean, Jax and I went to university together, but I haven't seen or heard from him since we graduated. How's Hannah been?
Emma I have no idea. I haven't heard from her in months.
Jacob (chuckling) Remember back when we were in high school, you, me Hannah, and Sierra, were office aids. And we'd always goof around.
Emma And then Margie would yell at us for never getting anything done and then would goof around with us.
Jacob and Emma (both sigh) Good times, good times.
Jacob Anyways, I should probably get to the station. I still have a couple jobs on the railway today.
Emma I'll walk there with you. I need to catch a train anyways.
Jacob Alright.
The scene changes to Wellsworth Station. Jacob and Emma are standing on the platform. Jacob enters the station building, then returns to the platform.
Jacob I've got to catch Duck's train to Arlesburgh. He should be here in 5 minutes.
Emma Well, I've got to catch the train to Knapford.
Jacob Ah, yes, Henry's train. He should be here any minute now.
Just like that, Henry arrives pulling green Express Coaches. Emma boards his train.
Emma Bye, Jacob, I'll see you later.
Jacob Bye, Emma
Henry's guard blows his whistle. Henry blows his whistle and puffs out of the station. No sooner is Henry out of site when Duck arrives pulling Alice and Mirabel.
Duck Hello, Jacob. How was your interview?
Jacob Well, Duck, I got the job.
Duck (ecstatic) That's wonderful! Congratulations!
Jacob Thank you, Duck! I guess we'll all be celebrating tonight at the sheds.
Duck We certainly will.

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