Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up


Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up is a spin-off series of Stories From Sodor.

This spin-off series takes place four years after the events of the episode Things Change from the thirteenth season of Stories From Sodor. It follows Jacob and his friends after the group graduated from university, which they all attended following the events of Things Change. Jacob is now 22 years old and will begin a new job as the Wellsworth High School choir director in the first episode. This does not mean, however, that Jacob will no longer associate with the railway, as many of the engines will make appearances throughout the series.

The series had four seasons, with the first episode premiering on 3rd September 2019. The final season was announced on 26th October of the same year. The series was followed by Stories From Sodor:Future and later International Friends Around the World and Backstories.


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Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up
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