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Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up Season 2 is the second season of the Stories From Sodor spin-off series, Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up.


Jacob and his friends ave returned for another season. This season takes place about a year after the first. This season will introduce some new friends, and reintroduce some old ones, too.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
AllGrownUpLogo.png Sierra Comes Home Jacobacranmer 29 September 2019 #01
After completing law school, Sierra moves back to Sodor. But, she brings her new boyfriend with her, which causes an uproar from her brother.
AllGrownUpLogo.png The Former Poetry Club KnapfordFan23 TBA #02
Now graduated, Kevin and the other members of the Poetry Club go their separate ways.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Kevalice KnapfordFan23 TBA #03
Kevin and Analice enter a new stage of their relationship
AllGrownUpLogo.png Tess and Elijah
New Allies
Jacobaranmer TBA #04
When Emil and Ora come to Sodor to help with the work, they find they have a darker purpose there
AllGrownUpLogo.png Tessy Moves In KnapfordFan23 TBA #05
According to a plan created by Elijah, Tess moves in with Megan and Areebah, pretending to be a girly girl named Tessy
AllGrownUpLogo.png Kevalice In A Capsule Room KnapfordFan23 TBA #06
When Tess ¨accidentally¨ locks Kevin and Analice in a capsule room, their relationship becomes a lot closer.
AllGrownUpLogo.png A Poetry Club Reunion Jacobacranmer
TBA #07
When Susan returns for a visit, the Poetry Club gets back together at Jacob's house.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Areebah's New Roommate KnapfordFan23 TBA #08
Tessy and Megan switch rooms.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Jackson's Purpose Jacobacranmer TBA #12
Jackson struggles to find his purpose in life.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Anything Can Happen Jacobacranmer
TBA #16
Jacob and his friends are kidnapped by Ora and locked in a shed at the Dieselworks.


Screenshot Title Performed by Original release date Episode(s) Featured In
AllGrownUpLogo.png For Now Jackson, Jacob, Sierra, Jason, & Emma TBA Untitled Jackson Episode
Jackson is struggling to find his purpose in life.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Anything Can Happen Jacob, Emma, Sierra, Kevin, Megan, Jackson, Jason, and Areebah TBA Anything Can Happen
After being rescued, Jacob and his friends sing about unexpected things happening.


Characters Introduced