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Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up Season 3 is the third season of the Stories From Sodor spin-off series, Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
AllGrownUpLogo.png Kevalice's New Home Jacobacranmer & KnapfordFan23 TBA #01
Kevin moves out of Jacob's home and into an apartment with Analice.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Susan's Second Semester KnapfordFan23 TBA #02
Susan begins her second semester of university.
AllGrownUpLogo.png A Valentine's Day Story Jacobacranmer & KnapfordFan23 TBA #03
It is Valentine's Day on the Island of Sodor.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Susan Gets Atessted Jacobacranmer & KnapfordFan23 TBA #04
Tess gets Susan arrested.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Megan Pays A Visit KnapfordFan23 TBA #07
Megan visits Tess in jail.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Kevareebah?! KnapfordFan23 TBA #08
An unexpected couple forms.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Kevin's Hospital Visit KnapfordFan23 TBA #09
After an accident, Kevin and Areebah end up in the hospital.
AllGrownUpLogo.png The Group Finds Out Jacobacranmer & KnapfordFan23 TBA #10
The rest of the group finds out about what happened while Megan visited Tess.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Breaking Out KnapfordFan23 TBA #11
Megan breaks Tess out of jail.
Kevin&JacobPromo.jpg A Brand New You Jacobacranmer & KnapfordFan23 TBA #12
Kevin and Jacob are skeptical about Tess' changed personality.


Screenshot Title Performed by Original release date Episode(s) Featured In
AllGrownUpLogo.png Brand New You Jacob & Kevin TBA A Brand New You
Jacob notices that Tess has changed.