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Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up Season 4 is the fourth and final season of the Stories From Sodor spin-off series, Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up.


Screenshot UK title (top)
US title (bottom)
Written by Original release date Episode number #
AllGrownUpLogo.png Karen Gets Out Jacobacranmer TBA #01
Karen is released from prison.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Jacob and Karen Jacobacranmer TBA #02
After hearing about Karen from Tess, Jacob decides to take in Karen and try to help her become a kinder person.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Karen's New Home
Closed Off Karen
Jacobacranmer TBA #03
After an unsuccessful attempt to get Karen to open up to him, Jacob convinces Emma and Sierra to try and get Karen to open up to them instead.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Karen Comes to Her Senses Jacobacranmer TBA #04
Karen runs into Tess, and the two get into a fight. Afterwards, Karen realizes she really does need to try and be a kinder person.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Karen Opens Up Jacobacranmer TBA #05
Karen finally opens up to Jacob.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Kevalice's Lakeside Trip Jacobacranmer & KnapfordFan23 TBA #06
Kevin and Analice visit the Skarloey Railway for a picnic.
AllGrownUpLogo.png Untitled Christmas Episode Jacobacranmer & KnapfordFan23 TBA TBA
Jacob plans the North Western Railway's annual Christmas party at Knapford.




  • This is the final season of the Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up spin-off.
  • This is the longest season of the Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up spin-off, having twice as many episodes as each other season.
    • This also make it the only season to have more than 16 episodes.
  • This is the first season where the Skarloey Railway appears.