Jasmine is a purple tender engine from the Pennsylvania Railroad.


Stories From Sodor

Season 4

Jasmine was first mentioned when Madison was telling the other engines at Knapford Sheds about her past on the Pennsylvania Railroad. Madison said Jasmine was her best friend[1].

Season 12

Madison later mentioned Jasmine again when she told a story told to her by Jasmine in which she had a run in with Jonathan's ghost[2].

Friends Around the World


Not much is known about Jasmine, as her only physical appearance was in a story. However, it is implied in the twelfth season episode, Ghosts that she likes spooky stories.


Jasmine is based on a Pennsylvania Railroad K4s Class Pacific. Two K4s are preserved, 1361 and 3750, and are recognised as the State Steam Locomotives of Pennsylvania.

In real life, Jasmine would be too large for the British loading gauge. However, she has been re-scaled to avoid technical issues. Jasmine is only partly modified to work on Sodor. Her running plate has been altered, she is missing a headlamp, and she has buffers on her tender and screwlink couplings, yet she retains her cowcatcher.

Hank and Daniel are also members of this class.


Jasmine is painted purple with green lining. She has a green cowcatcher and piston rods. She also has "PENNSYLVANIA" written on her tender in green.


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