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This article is about the freight car. You may be looking for Another Jasper or Another Quartz.

Jasper is a freight car from Crystal Island.


Jasper was first seen in the second season. Quartz warned James and the other Sodor engines to be careful with Jasper and Diamond.

Jasper and Diamond then caused trouble for the Sodor engines [1].

Jasper next appeared in the Crystal Island Adventures miniseries, when she was shown causing trouble for Amethyst, only to be disciplined by Onyx [2].


Jasper is ruthless and headstrong, as well as a brutal combatant. Jasper is also very authoritative and militaristic. She does not care about those who she thinks are beneath her, does not bother to heed their warnings or concerns, and will not hesitate to browbeat them into submission if they complain or disagree with her. The prejudice that Jasper exercises based on combat experience leads her to look down upon beings that appear weaker to her[3].


Jasper is based on a 7-plank open wagon.


Jasper is painted orange with red lining. She has her name on her side in red, as well as her yellow and orange gem. She also has orange buffer housings with red buffers.