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Katherine "Kat" George is a former member of the Wellsworth High School Drama Club.


Stories From Sodor:Future

Jacob and Kevin:High School Adventures

When Katherine moved to Wellsworth High School, she was friended by Jacob and Sierra almost immediately. The pair then begin to help Katherine as she tried to find her social group; describing the clique of high school social royalty dubbed "the Plastics" in particular, consisting of Paige, Heather, and Mallory. The trio then invited Katherine to have lunch with them the following day.

When Katherine told Jacob and Sierra about the invitation, Jacob quickly told Katherine she should accept, saying he had a plan to topple the high school's social hierarchy.

Later, in math class, Katherine met Eric and immediately fell for him. Carson, impressed with Katherine's performance in class, asked her to join the Mathletes, but Heather warned Katherine that joining the Mathletes was social suicide. Paige then put down Carson to make him leave. Katherine thought Paige was nice for "protecting" her, but Jacob warned her that Paige was dangerous. Amazed and intoxicated by her newfound power, however, Katherine did not pay attention to Jacob's words.

Later, at the mall, Heather asked Katherine if she had met any boys she likes. When Katherine told her about Eric, Heather was horrified because he was Paige's ex-boyfriend, which made him off-limits to her friends.

The next day at lunch, Katherine talked to Paige about her rule about Eric being off-limits. Paige quickly shut her down. This caused Katherine to stand up to Paige, kicking her out of the group. Katherine said the group should be disbanded and Paige, realizing she did not need to "rule the school" to be popular, followed[1].

When the choir presidential election came around, Sierra asked Katherine to be her running mate. Katherine, surprised by the offer, accepted. On the day of the election, Katherine revealed that that she had been the president of the choir at her old school every year prior. When it came time to tally the votes, Katherine and Sierra came in second to Jacob and Haley by a margin of only one vote[2].

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Jacob, Kevin, and Friends:Past Adventures

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Katherine is usually rather quiet and introverted.

She has, however, shown moments of being outgoing when it comes to defending what she believes and the people she cares about.

She has also been shown to be boastful at times, especially when her previous achievements would be advantageous to mention, such as during the choir election.

She has also been shown to hold grudges against those who have hurt her, namely Isaac.


Katherine is of average height and build.

She has long blonde hair that she usually styles in a ponytail.

She can often be seen wearing a purple sleeveless dress and a dark purple cardigan. She also has freckles. She has her ears pierced and can usually be seen wearing black stud earrings.



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