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If our arguing or severe lack of conversation is making work difficult for you, Jacob, then from this point on, I vow that I... er... we will not argue for a second for the rest of the day!

Kids and Quarrels is the 19th episode of the second season.


Jacob, Sierra, Kira, and Cassie are sent to work with the Quadruplets at the Clay Pits. The Quads' constant arguing annoys Jacob. However, when the Quads realize this they vow to stop arguing for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, this is difficult for them to do so it comes to the point where there is nothing but awkward silence. Jacob breaks the silence and tells the Quads that he'd rather them argue, just a little bit, as opposed to them not talking at all. The Quads then agree that they will try their hardest not to argue for the rest of the day, and now all are firm friends.




  • This is the first, and so far only, episode to be a collaboration between 3 writers.
  • Jacobacranmer has said this is one of his favourite Stories From Sodor episodes.

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