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Speaker Dialogue
The episode starts as Richard Hatt arrives at Tidmouth Sheds, as Thomas, Gordon, James, Percy, Emily, Nia, and Rebecca are just beginning to wake up. Richard Hatt is visibly sick. He sneezes loudly and then coughs several times.
Rebecca, Gordon, and Nia Ooh
Rebecca Bless you, Sir.
Richard Hatt Thank you, Rebecca.
Nia That's a very nasty cold you have there, Sir.
Richard Hatt Don't worry Nia I'm fi-i-i ACHOO!
Kira can then be seen driving up in Elizabeth. The camera then pans to Richard Hatt, as Kira speaks from off camera.
Kira (scolding) Father! I thought I told you to stay home today.
Richard Hatt Kira, I need to run the railway.
Kira (stern but caringly) You can't run the railway while you're sick.
Richard Hatt I have to. No one else can do it.
Kira Nonsense! Great grandmother has done it. And so have Jacob and Sierra.
Richard Hatt But they're all busy today.
Kira Then I'll do it
Kira takes Richard Hatt's clipboard from him as his assistants walk up quietly from behind.
Kira Take him away, boys.
The assistants each take one of Richard Hatt's arms, lift him up and carry him away.
Kira (acting as if nothing happened) Now then, Thomas, today is Meg's birthday, so I need you to go and collect her birthday cake from the bakery and bring it to Knapford Station.
Thomas (puffing forward) But, I'm supposed to pull passengers on my branch line today.
Kira Rebecca can pull Annie and Clarabel on your branch line today.
Rebecca But I have to go collect spare parts for the Steamworks.
Kira I'll find someone else to do that.
Kira gets back in Elizabeth and throws Richard Hatt's clipboard onto the passenger seat.
Kira Now then, I'll head off to Knapford. I'll be able to run things much more efficiently from there.
Kira drives away. The camera pans over to the engines, who are all shown sighing.
The scene changes to Knapford Station. Rebecca is at platform 2 with Annie and Clarabel coupled behind when Gordon puffs in.
Gordon I'm glad I don't have to run some silly errand today.
Kira can be seen walking out of Richard Hatt's office and towards Gordon and Rebecca.
Kira Ah, Gordon. I need you to go collect those spare parts for the Steamworks.
Gordon (gasps) No way! It's my job to pull the express.
Kira (fake sadness) Oh, dear. You wouldn't talk to my father like that. Would you, Gordon?
Gordon No, of course not, Kira.
Kira (still with fake sadness) And you wouldn't want to disappoint his sweet young daughter, would you?
Gordon Of course not.
Kira (quickly, happily) Perfect, thank you, Gordon. Off you go now.
Gordon groans as he puffs away.
The scene changes to the Sodor Bakery. Rosie is there when Thomas arrives. She is coupled to two vans that are being filled with cakes. She is surprised to see Thomas.
Rosie Hello, Thomas. What are you doing here?
Thomas Kira has sent me to collect a birthday cake for Meg's birthday party later today.
Rosie But, shouldn't you be working on your branch line with Annie and Clarabel?
Thomas Kira's having Rebecca do it instead.
Rosie But, that...that doesn't even make sense. Why Rebecca? If anything, she should've picked Percy or Toby or Madison or me.