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Knapford Station is the "Big Station". It has a large canopy. The station has six tracks total, four being through tracks and two being terminal tracks. Knapford has a refreshment kiosk, the Engine Drivers locker room, M.C. BUNN, Sir Topham Hatt's Office and a bookstall. At one point, the bookstall was temporarily replaced by a toy shop. There are also some sheds and shunting yard nearby.

In the first, fifth, and eighth seasons, Jacob, Sierra, Katie, and Trent's birthday parties were held here.


  • The name comes from the parish of Knapwell, where the Reverend W. Awdry was vicar.
  • Knapford is writer KnapfordFan23's favorite station, inspiring his username.
  • Knapford Station has appeared in every season of both Stories From Sodor and its spin offs and is one of two locations to do so, with the other being Knapford Sheds.
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