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The LMS Banana Vans are a type of rolling stock used for transporting goods and merchandise throughout the railways.

These vans are the most common type of vans to of appeared in the Railway Series.


The Railway Series

Many banana vans have been seen on the North Western Railway. One of these includes a van owned by the U.L.P. company, who laughed at Oliver after he returned from the works. They often cause chaos for the engines, contributing in various breakaways and accidents with other Troublesome Trucks.

These vans have been used as part of The Flying Kipper. On one occasion, extra vans for the "Kipper" were required after a boat returned with a greater load of fish than usual and unluckily for Henry the only vans available were old, rusty and dirty. After a quick hose-out, the vans were coupled to the train and loaded and Henry made his way to Wellsworth, where Duck was acting as a "banker". On the way up Gordon's Hill, however, the tail-lamp fell off the rear van, causing Henry to lead up the hill with the "Kipper" while Duck, confused, lagged behind, until Henry slowed enough for Duck to catch up and ram the rear van. The train remained stuck on the hill until the late morning.

These vans have also been used as part of the Circus Train. The vans were made to accommodate and transport horses, giraffes, bears, camels and elephants.


Sentient banana vans are described as Troublesome Trucks.


These vans are based on LMS Banana Vans.


These vans are painted all sorts of colours, such as brown, grey and pink.