Lady Jane Hatt

Lady Jane Hatt (née Brown) is Sir Topham Hatt's wife. She is also the mother of Richard Hatt, the grandmother of Stephen, Bridgett, Kira, and Brady Hatt, the daughter-in-law of Dowager Hatt, and the sister-in-law of Sir Lowham Hatt.


Lady Hatt occasionally helps her husband with railway business, and the engines sometimes go to extreme lengths to help throw parties for her birthday. She likes the railway, but had a certain dislike for Annie and Clarabel until they were cleaned and repainted. Although her husband runs a railway, she likes a day out on a boat or in their car.

Percy had the job of taking Lady Hatt to Great Waterton for a surprise; to see the brass band.


The engines are extremely fond of her and like when she visits the railway or rides in one of their coaches. A kind and gentle woman, Lady Hatt usually praises the engines for their good deeds.


Lady Hatt usually wears a blue dress with white trim and a blue hat with a pink band and flower.

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