Lei is a Chinese goods van.


Thomas & Friends

Lei is first seen as a runway screaming in terror, Yong Bao chases him with a plan to stop him safely, but Thomas charges into Lei before he can, flipping him over and causing him to lose two of his wheels. Despite this, Lei thanks Thomas and calls him a hero.

Lei is later used by Yong Bao to help teach Thomas tai chi, the plan involves Lei being sent towards Thomas so that he can stop the truck without derailing him. Lei is constantly knocked off the rails during the training, but Thomas improves over time and almost manages to successfully stop him, the engines are ready to continue, but a signalman sets the points away from Yong Bao, causing Lei to become a runaway again when Thomas hits him.

Thomas chases Lei down the same line his crash occurred the day before, Thomas plans to use Yong Bao's tactic to save him, but after switching tracks to get ahead, Lei hits a rock and is sent flying onto the track in front of Thomas again, Thomas eventually manages to get in front of him and slow down. Yong Bao congratulates Thomas for saving Lei and successfully mastering tai chi, Thomas says he can't wait to try it again, but Lei prefers if they would.


Unlike the Troublesome Trucks on Sodor, Lei is well-behaved and friendly, though he can be accident-prone at times. He also has a good sense of humour, and is able to laugh at his own expense.


Lei is based on an LNER 12 ton covered goods van.


Lei is painted magenta. His frames and roof are painted black, and his buffer beams are red.

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