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Levi is a blue tank engine who works on the Little Strasburg Branch Line.


Levi first came to Sodor in the second season, alongside Marie, Rose, and Dawn[1]. He and Dawn later revealed they used to work with Porter on the Pennsylvania Railroad[2].

Levi worked in various shunting yards across the Island until the fourth season, when he was relocated to the Little Strasburg Branch Line upon its completion[3]. Later in the same season, Levi and Philip had a race to see who could deliver their freight cars to Brendam Docks first, and Levi was the victor of the race[4].

Levi later went to The Great Railway Show as Sodor's flag carrier[5].


Levi is a friendly engine. He is also very competitive.


Levi is based on a H.K. Porter 0-6-0ST, built in Butler, Pennsylvania, north of Pittsburgh. These mainly worked in the dockyards on the east coast of the United States. The Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Railroad, which served the dockyards in Brooklyn, New York, owned several examples of Porter's design, all of which were retired after the railroad started using diesel locomotives in 1963. One of these, B.E.D.T. 15, was rebuilt into an operating replica of Thomas by the Strasburg Railroad in 1998 for use during Day Out with Thomas events throughout the US. Dawn, like Porter and Levi, appears to be directly based on B.E.D.T. 15 prior to its rebuild. Another engine, 14, is preserved at the Ulster & Delaware Railroad Historical Society in Arkville, New York.


Levi is painted blue with orange stripes and lining. He has his name in gold on a red nameplate on his cab. He also has orange window frames.

In the ninth season of Stories From Sodor:Future, Levi was repainted in several liveries, including green with blue stripes and lining, red with yellow stripes and lining, yellow with red-orange stripes and lining, pink with dark purple stripes and lining, and purple with light blue stripes and lining.


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