Liam is an engine from Scotland who competed in the Great Railway Show.


Stories From Sodor

The Great Railway Show

Liam competed in the Great Race at the Great Railway Show, alongside Gordon, Flying Scotsman, Spencer, Étienne, Axel, and Marie. He was the leas talkative of all the competitors and mostly sat in the yard prior to his competition. However, he did show his competitive nature during the competition when he told Axel he was going down [1].

Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 1

When Kevin and Analice were telling Jacob and Emma about their world travels, they revealed that the met Liam while they visited Scotland[2]


Liam is quiet and competitive.


Liam is based on an ROD 2-8-0 tender engine.


Liam is painted blue with white lining.


  • Liam's colours (blue and white) are based on the colors of the Scottish flag.


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