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Lorenzo is an Italian tender engine from Verona. He has a coach named Beppe.


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Lorenzo is a vintage locomotive. He was once a fast and impulsive engine, but in a bid for notoriety and desperate to find treasure, he would rush into archaeological digs without taking the time to understand his surroundings - which led to him being trapped in a disused dig... until Thomas rescues him! He loves the sound of his own voice and being the center of attention, especially while singing operatic ditties with his small coach, Beppe. Whilst his speaking voice may be deep, Lorenzo has a classical tenor singing voice.

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Season 14

In the fourteenth season, Lorenzo and Beppe were brought to Sodor to help while Madison was being repaired. The pair quickly became friends with Matthew who showed them how to get to Knapford from Brendam[1].


Lorenzo is based on an FS Class 743. The sandbox in front of his dome is based off of that on the Class 623.


Lorenzo is painted ultramarine blue with red wheels and brass boiler bands. His cab and tender are decorated with red and gold stripes, similar to a music staff. His cab is also decorated with gold treble clefs on either side, and blue nameplates.


  • Lorenzo is one of KnapfordFan23's, as well as Jacobacranmer's, favorite characters.


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