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Madison is a blue tank engine. She has two coaches named Autumn and Jessica.


Stories From Sodor

Season 2

When Madison first arrived, she was a bit shy. However, she quickly became friends with Rosie, Jacob, and Sierra[1]. Later, when the big engines teased Madison for being a little engine, she showed them little engines could do big things when she was given a special job[2].

Season 4

One year, on Halloween, Madison, Jacob, Sierra, and Rosie were sent to work at the Smelters Yard. Jacob and Rosie teased Sierra and Madison about being scared of a ghost, until they got scared themselves[3]. Later, upon the completion of the construction of The Little Strasburg Branch Line, Madison was sent to work on the line[4]. Madison later became good friends with Jackie when the two were asked to pull the Express together when the big engines were shut up in their sheds[5].

Sodor and the Storm

Later, when a hurricane hit Sodor, Madison was picked up by the storm, with Jacob and Sierra in her cab[6], and was dropped outside of Arlesburgh Shed[7].

The Great Railway Show

Later, Madison met Flying Scotsman at Vicarstown. He told her about the Great Railway Show. This made Madison want to participate in the Railway Show. She tried to convince Richard Hatt to send her to the show, but to no avail. She later ended up going to the Great Railway Show to deliver Marie's safety valve which had not been reassembled properly when the latter was streamlined. Madison then got to participate in the Shunting Challenge when Percy gave up his spot to her[8].

Season 8

Later, Madison, Rosie, Jacob, and Sierra were sent to help Hurricane and Frankie at the Mainland Steelworks. On their journey to the Steelworks, the four also met Beresford at the Mainland Canal[9].

Season 9

Madison later scolded some of the other engines for hurting Dylan's feelings[10]. Madison later defended Jacob and Sierra when Marie and Rose thought it was a bad idea for Richard Hatt to leave them in charge[11]. Later, when Vinnie was brought to Sodor to help on the Little Strasburg Branch Line, he terrorized Madison and the other engines[12].

Season 11

Later, on May Day, Madison competed in a "Best Dressed Engine" competition[13].

Season 12

The next Halloween, Madison told some of the other engines the story of Jonathan's ghost[14].

Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 4

Season 5

Season 9

Dale, Jimmie, and Anderson:The BNSF Years

Season 13


Madison is a kind and friendly tank engine. After overcoming her shyness, she has become very outgoing and is always eager to make new friends.

In Stories From Sodor:Future, Madison became a rather cheeky, but kind engine. She normally behaves well, yet she also gets herself in trouble by jumping into situations without adequately thinking them through first. She can also be somewhat timid.


Madison is based on an SR USA Class 0-6-0T. Originally classified as the USATC S100 Class and designed for shunting duties in Europe during the Second World War, after the war ended, fifteen of these engines were sold to the Southern Railway, who modified them for use as dockyard shunters at Southampton. There, they worked alongside the LB&SCR E2s (Thomas’ class). Both classes were replaced by BR Class 07 diesels (Salty's class) in 1962, though members of the class remained in service on departmental duties until 1966.

Four members of this class are preserved in the UK, including one at the Bluebell Railway and several more exist in various conditions throughout the world. In addition, several Yugoslavian-built copies of the S100 design also exist, including two that have been imported into the UK and modified to represent USA Class members.


Madison is painted cobalt blue with red lining. She has red tank panels and blue wheels with red rims.

Her original design had red wheels with blue rims, as well as the number "13" on her tank in yellow.

Her streamlined design features her painted in NWR blue with red lining, as well as the number "38" on her side in yellow with a red outline. She also has white wheel arches.

When she was first built, Madison was painted dark green with black lining. She had black tank panels on her number "1266" on her cabsides in black.

In the sixteenth season of Stories From Sodor:Future, Madison was repainted NWR blue with red lining and tank panels. She also had her number "38" on her tanks in yellow.