This article is about the freight car. You may be looking for the engine.

Malachite is a freight car from Crystal Island.


Malachite first appeared in the second season. She, alongside Jasper and Diamond, caused trouble for the Sodor engines [1].

Malachite next appeared in the Crystal Island Adventures miniseries, when she was shown causing trouble for Amethyst, only to be disciplined by Onyx [2].


Malachite is ruthless, headstrong, authoritative, and militaristic, much like Jasper [3]


Malachite is based on a 7-plank open wagon.


Malachite is painted a sea green colour. She has her name on her side in green and her sea-green coloured gems on her side. In the Crystal Island Adventures miniserie, her name changed in colour from green to black.


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