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Marie's Important Job is the first episode of the thirteenth season.


Matthew is taking the mail and pulls up alongside Marie at a red signal. His signal turns to green and Marie is cross as she was there before Matthew; but her driver explains that Matthew's mail is more important than Marie's slow-goods. Later, Marie is still grumpy when Madison gets to cut in front of her at the water tower because of the same reason.

Later, Marie is given an important job to deliver coal to all the stations. Feeling important, Marie refuses to wait to take on more water and will not help Jordyn with her jobs. However, once she collects the coal trucks and starts her job, Marie soon runs out of water. Jordyn arrives with her passengers, but she cannot help Marie as she is running late since Marie did not help her take her trucks to the quarry. Jordyn warns the signalman up ahead, and soon BoCo arrives to help Marie. BoCo scolds Marie for not helping Jordyn and reminds her that no job is more important than helping another engine.

With BoCo's help, Marie gets more water and carries on with his deliveries. However, when Marie sees Rose who has broken down, she remembers BoCo's advice and helps Rose to the Dieselworks. After that, she carries on with her coal deliveries and, the next day, Richard Hatt praises Marie for learning her lesson by helping Rose and getting her job done.




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