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Gordon and Marie are good friends. They both consider themselves to be two of the fastest engines on the railway and prefer pulling passengers to goods.


I don't think it's very wise of Mr. Hatt to leave those two immature children in charge of us.

Marie about Jacob and Sierra being left in charge, "The Substitute Controller", Season 9

Jacob and Marie have been shown to have a strained relationship. When Richard Hatt left Jacob and Sierra in charge of the North Western Railway while he and his family went on holiday, Marie openly voiced her disapproval, referring to Jacob and Sierra as "immature children"[1]. Then, when Jacob and Connor tried to do Sierra and Kira's jobs while they were sick, Marie thought all the work would be too much for the two boys and told them just that[2].


James and Marie are good friends. They are both proud of their paintwork and prefer pulling passengers to goods.


Murdoch and Marie are siblings. Like all siblings, the two often get into arguments, often over whether goods or passengers are more important.