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Maron is a village and station on the Main Line, located at the summit of Gordon's Hill. It is some 280ft higher than Suddery.


The church here is dedicated to St. Ronan, a 6th Century missionary of the Iona School, so the generally accepted view is that the place name comes from Ma Ronan (Sudric for St. Ronan).

The modern village is built around the station in terraces at the summit of Gordon’s Hill, but the older houses are built on ledges climbing up from the valley of the Maura (Sacred River). Other authorities claim that this is the basic source of the name. Viewed from the valley, the hillside village has a picturesque and alpine aspect. Many of the lanes leading to the houses are too steep and narrow for wheeled traffic. Donkeys with panniers are still employed in the delivery of bread, groceries and even coal.

The station is a compulsory stop for all Down, loose coupled and ”unfitted” goods trains. Brakes must be pinned down here. Conversely, bank engines, such as Edward, stop here and use the station crossover for the run back to Wellsworth.

To the north of Maron is Boulder Quarry, which has long since been closed down.

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