This article is about Susan's roommate. You may be looking for the news reporter.

Mary is Susan's roommate at university.


Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up

Season 3

When Tess got Susan arrested, Mary was arrested with her. The two were then put in Ffarquhar Prison with Tess, Cory, Ruby, Taylor, and Karen[1].

Mary, along with the others, later also escaped from prison with help from Megan. After this, the group went to Jacob's House, where Jacob let them stay for the night[2].


Mary is outgoing. She is also very blunt, and sees herself as being prim and proper. Despite this, she is very sweet.


  • Mary's personality and first name are slightly based on the character Mary Poppins from the book series and movie of the same name.
    • Jacobacranmer's inspiration for Mary came directly from the character, a character Emma's real life basis played in a production of the musical of the same name in 2019.


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