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This article is about the engine. You may be looking for the human.

Matthew is a blue saddle tank engine.


Stories From Sodor

Season 7

Matthew first arrived on Halloween night. He came out of a siding to ask Percy and Henry the way to the Halloween party at Tidmouth Bay. However, Percy and Henry mistook him for a ghost engine, and quickly puffed away in fear. Later at the party, Matthew explained to Percy and Henry that he is not a ghost engine, but in instead, Richard Hatt's new tank engine, and now all are firm friends[1].

Season 11

Matthew later welcomed Dustin to the Island[2].

Season 13

One day, Matthew was taking the mail and pulled up alongside Marie at a red signal. His signal turned to green and Marie was cross as she was there before Matthew; but her driver explains that Matthew's mail was more important than Marie's slow-goods[3].

Season 14

One day, Matthew brought Richard Hatt to Brendam to meet Lorenzo and Beppe upon their arrival to the Island. He was then asked to show the pair the way to Knapford and became friends with them in the process, telling them about Madison, who had had an accident a few days prior[4].


Matthew is a kind, young engine. At first, he did not like to offend others, and often tried to avoid using language that might do so. Now, however, Matthew is a bit of a gossip, as shown when he told Lorenzo and Beppe he had overheard Jacob saying Richard Hatt would not have enough money to buy Madison new wheels.


Matthew is an 0-4-0 saddle tank believed to have been built by the Avonside Engine Company of Bristol, but prior to being purchased second or third hand by Sir Topham Hatt he acquired components from Hunslet of Leeds and other builders.


Originally, Matthew was painted white with red lining. He had red piston rods and white wheels with red rims. He also had his number "326" on his cab in red.

In the ninth season of Stories From Sodor:Future, Matthew was repainted medium blue with purple lining. He has purple piston rods and his number "326" on his cab in purple.