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This is a transcript subpage for Meeting the Off Colors.
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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins at sunrise one morning at the Crystal Island Engine Sheds. Garnet, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis, Peridot, Quartz, Topaz, Bismuth, Ametrine, and Star are all asleep when four unfamiliar whistles sound in the distance. Amethyst opens a sleepy eyes.
Amethyst (sleepily) What was that?
Ruby (sleepily) What was what?
The whistles sound again. They sound closer than they did before.
Amethyst That.
Ruby It was probably just Topaz. You know she likes to go on night runs.
Topaz (sleepily) Did someone say my name?
Ruby (startled and confused) Hold on. If you're here, then who's there?
Fluorite, Padparadscha, Rutile, and Rhodonite come out of the darkness. Rutile is pulling Rhodonite.
Garnet Who are you?
Fluorite We are the off colors.
Rhodonite We came from the Keystone Railway.
Padparadscha We've come to be really useful.
Amethyst Well, we normally don't start work this early.
Lapis Well, we're all awake, so let's get to work.
Ruby (whining) But, Lapis, we need sleep.
Lapis Nonsense, you've gotten enough sleep. It's time for work now.
Ruby, Amethyst, and Bismuth all groan. Lapis puffs up alongside the new arrivals.