Mia is a tank engine who lives on the Mainland. She is custom-designed by having her coal stored on top of her boiler rather than in a coal bunker. She is also blind.


Thomas and Percy bullied her by playing tricks that could have, if not looked into more, would have ruin Mia's chances of going off to work on her owner's railway on the Mainland.


Mia is a bit frantic when it comes to noises that are very close to her, but has a wonderful sense of touch and hearing.


She is based on an LNER tank engine that got aquired by the railway through grouping. This saddle tank engine had its coal on top of its boiler, just like Mia.


Mia is painted olive green. She has the number 15372 on her cab sides.


Total Appearances

Season 8 - Speaking Roles: 1 - Non Speaking Roles: 0 - Cameos: 0 - Mentions: 0 - Possible Appearances: {{{6}}}


  • Speaking Roles: 1
  • Non-Speaking Roles: 0
  • Cameos: 0
  • Mentions: 0


  • The fact that Mia is blind is based off the fact that the creator of Mia's character is partially blind, unlike Mia, who is completely blind.
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