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This is a transcript subpage for Molly the Mighty Engine.
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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins one morning at Tidmouth Sheds. Molly is reversing into a berth to the left of Gordon. James, Henry, and Emily are also in the sheds, at the right of Gordon.
Narrator Molly, the mighty engine, was returning to the sheds for a rest after arriving at Tidmouth station with an express passenger train.
James (watching Molly's driver and fireman taking off the discs that are on her left and right lamp irons; rudely) Why would the Fat Controller have an engine like Molly pull an express passenger service?
Henry (thoughtfully and rudely) He must have forgotten about the other, more capable engines he has.
Gordon (rudely) She should just pull goods trains and nothing more.
Emily (crossly) Molly can pull express passenger and goods trains! She’s capable of doing any job!
James, wearing a disc on his smokebox lamp iron, puffs out of the sheds. Soon Gordon leaves with discs on his left and right lamp irons; and Henry wearing discs on his middle and right lamp irons.
Narrator Emily looked at Molly; tears were running down her eyes.
Emily (kindly) I hope they didn’t offend you too much.
Molly (sadly) It’s no surprise that they do it most of the time. Everyone knows how sensitive I am, and many of the engines find great fun at getting me upset.
The scene changes to later that day at Tidmouth Goods Yard. We see Molly backing down onto a long line of vans. She is wearing a disc on her smokebox and left lamp irons.
Narrator Around noon, Molly was back at work. She was to deliver vans of fruit and vegetables to Kellsthorpe.
Molly (thinking to herself; worriedly) I better not let the vans get the better of me. If I do, and the others find out, they won’t let me forget about it.
The guard blows his whistle and Molly leaves the yard.
The scene changes to a little bit later on The Main Line. Molly is thundering along the line with her long line of vans, loaded with fruit and vegetables. She picks up speed and accidentally bumps the vans.
Molly (alarmed) Sorry about that!
Van #1 (rudely) Looks like lemon wheels is horrible at pulling vans!
Van #2 (agreeing) Or any trucks at all!
All Vans (giggling) Hahahaha!
The scene changes to a little bit later at Gordon's Hill. Molly rounds a bend near the hill. She begins to climb, with the vans pulling back. At last, when she is half-way up, a coupling breaks, and the last eight vans, plus the brake van slide to the bottom.
Narrator As Molly climbed Gordon’s Hill, the vans played their tricks, and were successful in causing a breakaway. But Molly was still disappointed in herself for bumping the vans, that she didn’t notice anything different in the weight of the train.
The scene changes to a signal box a few minutes later. Molly rushes by; one of the signaller sees that she doesn’t have a brake van. She runs to the telephone.
Signaller #1 (urgently) There’s an express goods that’s coming your way with no brake van!
The scene changes to another signal box. There is another signaller there talking on the phone with the first signaller.
Signaller #2 (sternly) Right. We'll send it into the sidings.
The scene changes to the bottom of Gordon's Hill. Molly's guard is standing a few yards away from the brakevan and the vans. He is looking concerned.
Narrator While the signallers near Maron station dealt with Molly, the guard was having problems of his own. He didn’t bring a box of detonators with him. He could only hope that no other engine was on the same line as the vans.
The scene changes to Suddery Junction a little bit later. The signalman can be seen on the phone talking to the first signaller. Outside, Henry's whistle is heard, and he is heard thundering by.
Signaller #3 (frantically) It’s too late to warn Henry. Now, if you were much quicker in giving me the message I could have stopped him!
Signaller #1 (angrily over the phone) I had to deal with Molly, who didn’t have a brakevan attached to her train!
The scene changes back to the bottom of Gordon's Hill. Molly's guard is still standing a few yards away from the brakevan and the vans. He then hears Henry's whistle. Henry comes up wearing discs on his left and right lamp irons. His crew jumps clear. Henry shuts his eyes as he crashes into the brakevan, and all seven of his express coaches derail.
The scene changes to that night at Tidmouth Sheds. Molly, James, Gordon, and Emily are in the sheds. Sir Topham Hatt stands before them. He is looking angrily at Molly.
Sir Topham Hatt (crossly) Due to being absorbed in your emotions, you allowed several vans to break away, and because of that, caused an accident. You’re lucky that the passengers only received minor injuries, such as shakes and bruises! Plus, Henry has to go to the Works to have his front mended too!
Narrator Gordon and James silently chuckled, but stopped when they saw the Fat Controller looking furiously at them.
Sir Topham Hatt (furiously) The both of you are also to blame for the accident. Molly was already upset prior to the breakaway! Because of this, Gordon, you shall pull goods trains; James, you can shunt trucks and coaches in the yard.
Sir Topham Hatt walks over to his car, gets in, and drives away.
James (angrily) Thanks a lot, Molly. You got us in trouble, too.
Emily (sternly) It serves you two right!
The scene changes to the next morning at Tidmouth Sheds. Molly and Emily are the only engines in the sheds.
Narrator Early the next morning, Molly and Emily were being prepared for work. Emily could tell that Molly was still upset about what James had said to her last night.
Molly (sadly) If only I could find a way to not let others hurt me so easily. Before you leave Emily, can you please help me?
Emily looks pained.
Emily (gently and sadly) Molly, I would definitely like to help you. But there’s only so much I can do, and the things that work for me might not work for you. But I can tell you this; the only engine that knows you better than any other engine is yourself. I’m sure an answer is lurking somewhere in your smokebox.
Emily, wearing a disc on her smokebox lamp iron, puffs away.
The scene changes to the Main Line a little bit later. Gordon is angrily pulling a long line of oil tankers. He is wearing discs on his smokebox and right lamp irons.
Narrator Meanwhile, Gordon was thundering along the Mainline with a train of oil tankers. The oil tankers weren’t causing any trouble, but since Gordon thought it’d be a good idea to take his anger out on them by bumping them hard, they were beginning to plan their revenge.
Oil Tanker #1 (whispering) Clearly there’s no hills near by, so how can we cause trouble for Gordon?
Oil Tanker #2 (whispering delightfully) Listen, I have an axle bearing that’s loose. It feels like it might fall off at any minute. When it breaks, we’ll derail, and Gordon will get into trouble for causing a derailment!
The scene changes to Crosby Tunnel a little bit later. Gordon thunders into the tunnel. He gets a third of the way in, when the oil tanker’s axle bearing breaks. The tanker derails, the impact so hard that the it cracks, and begins leaking.
Oil Tanker #3 (frantically) Oh no! This wasn’t a good idea to derail here! My axle box is running hot!
Oil Tanker #2 (crossly and frantically) As if I planned to break myself open and put us all in danger!
Gordon and his crew feel a change in weight.
Gordon (confused) I don’t feel as though I’m pulling any oil tankers.
Gordon's Driver looks back and sees the tankers catching fire.
Gordon's Driver (urgently) Faster Gordon, faster! The oil tankers are on fire!
The scene changes to Knapford Goods Yard. Molly, wearing a disc on her left lamp iron, puffs into the yard pulling some trucks. There are a couple of tank engines and diesel shunters shunting trucks and coaches in and out of the yard.
Narrator Back down the line, at Knapford Goods Yard, everything was under control. As the tank engines and diesel shunters went about their work, Molly arrived with her slow goods train.
Molly stops on a stretch of line in the yard. Molly’s Fireman gets out of the cab to uncouple her from the train, when a shunter comes running towards them.
Shunter (urgently) There’s a fire at Crosby Tunnel. The Fire Brigade is on the scene, but they’re nearly out of water. You’re to take water tankers to them.
Molly’s Fireman uncouples Molly from the slow goods train, climbs back into the cab, and they go into a siding a few yards away, where a line of water tankers are waiting for them. Spencer is taking on water from a water column close-by.
Spencer (rudely) I should have been given the job of helping the Fire Brigade.
Narrator Molly was beginning to feel upset, but she knew that there was no time to get upset over rude comments.
Molly (firmly) It doesn’t matter who’s doing the job. I was chosen, and I WILL do a great job!
Molly leaves the yard, with Spencer looking shocked by the response he was given. She is still wearing a disc on her left lamp iron.
The scene changes to inside Crosby Tunnel at the site of the fire a little bit later. Fire engines are standing near the tunnel. Firefighters are standing inches away from the entrance. Just then Molly comes slowly up near the fire engines.
Fire Chief (shouting urgently) Hook up up some hoses to the tankers! Quickly now!
Hoses are secured between a few tankers and the fire engines. Water is soon flowing to the fire engines.
Molly (urgently; to the Fire Chief) Please Sir, use the water in my water tank.
Fire Chief (gratefully) Excellent idea! The more water, the better!
A hose is connected from Molly’s water tank in her tender to a fire engine. Meanwhile firefighters are walking slowly into the tunnel to put out the fire on the other tankers. We see over time that they put out the fire.
Narrator It wasn’t until late in the afternoon when the fire was put out.
Fire Chief (delightfully) Well done everyone! And Molly, you were a really useful engine!
Molly looks concerned.
Molly's Driver (curiously) Aren’t you pleased that you were a hero?
Molly (worriedly) I’m definitely pleased with myself. I’m just concerned about what Sir Topham Hatt will say since I left my work for other engines to complete.
The scene changes to Tidmouth Sheds that night. Emily, Molly, Gordon and James are in the sheds. Sir Topham Hatt is standing between Molly and Gordon. He is looking at Gordon.
Sir Topham Hatt (crossly) You shall stay in the sheds for a while. And when you come out, you can help repair the tunnel. (proudly; to Molly) Molly, I heard that you stayed at the tunnel and gave up the rest of your water to help put out the fire. As a reward, you shall get a medal for your services to the Crosby Fire Brigade.
Sir Topham Hatt gets in his car and drives away.
Molly (looking at Emily; cheerfully) I must thank you for helping me out. You were right; I really do know myself more than I originally thought I did.
The scene changes to Tidmouth Sheds one night a few weeks later. Henry, Gordon, and James are in the sheds.
Narrator A few weeks later Henry returned to work. Gordon and James told him about the accident at Crosby Tunnel, and about Molly’s heroic deed.
Henry (admiringly) I say that from this day forth, we give Molly more respect. After putting out that fire, she has clearly shown that she’s quite a brave engine.
The scene changes to Crosby Tunnel. is seen puffing through the tunnel pulling eight express coaches. She is wearing discs on her left and right lamp irons.
Narrator Molly may still be a little sensitive, but she now knows that she has what it takes to not let the rude comments of the other engines to get the better of her.