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Albert Collins was the final controller of the Crystal Island Railway before it was merged with the North Western Railway and renamed the Sudrian Crystal Railway.


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One day, Albert showed up at Jacob's office unannounced. He told Jacob that he no longer had enough money to keep his railway running and would have to close the line if he did not get enough money in five days. Jacob told Albert that he would try to think of a way to save his railway, but Albert told him it was no use and he left. Later that day, Jacob and Sierra came to Albert's office. Sierra told him that she had come up with an idea to save his railway. Her idea was for Jacob to buy the Crystal Island Railway from Albert and merge it with his own, with both men remaining in charge of their respected lines. Albert agreed and the two railways were merged becoming known as the Sudrian Crystal Railway[1].


Much like Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival, Albert is firm but funny and fair. He can be strict, but with a good reason and he deeply cares about the engines and also shows a fatherly side to them. He is quite a strong character and will remind the engines that he is in charge if they start to rebel against his authority. He does not stand bullying and even though he is usually serious, he does enjoy a good jolly laugh.

Albert also seems to have a soft spot for his younger cousin, Jacob, who he did not know about until he was 26 years old and the latter was 15. Since finding out their relation, Albert has appeared to take Jacob under his wing, even allowing the latter to help out on his railway for a week.

Albert has also shown to be stubborn and pessimistic at times, such as when he suggested Jacob stop trying to think of ways to help him save his railway from being shut down.


Albert is a tall, thin gentleman. He is usually dressed in a blue suit jacket with blue trousers, a black waistcoat, a white shirt, a blue tie and a blue bowler hat.