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Mrs. Edwards is the former choir teacher at Butler Middle School and Wellsworth High School.


Stories From Sodor

Season 3

Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up

Season 1

When it came time for Mrs. Edwards to retire, her and Principal Dean conducted job interviews for the newly opened choir director position at Wellsworth High School. Jacob came in to be interviewed. When asked why he wanted the position, Jacob said that it was Mrs. Edwards who inspired him to pursue music education. Mrs. Edwards and Principal Dean decided to give Jacob the job[1].

Stories From Sodor:Future

Jacob and Kevin:Eighth Grade Stories

In her first appearance in the miniseries, she called Paige to her classroom after Jacob and Sierra told her she had been picking on them. She then submitted a referral to Ms. Emily, the guidance counselor[2].


Mrs. Edwards is stern with her students. She does not tolerate the picking on of other students. She has also been seen to act like a motherly figure to some of her students, specifically Jacob and Sierra.

She is always happy to help a student when they need her/


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