Mystic Quartz is a gem engine from Keystone Railway.


Mystic Quartz was first seen shunting cars in the background when some of the Crystal Island engines came to visit the Keystone Railway[1].

Later, she and Peacock Topaz met Bismuth and the three instantly became friends because of their matching paintworks[2].

After that, Mystic Quartz and Peacock Topaz visited Bismuth on Crystal Island. The three worked happily together there for many days[3].


Mystic Quartz is a very friendly engine and is always quick to make friends.


Mystic Quartz is a freelance design, although she slightly resembles Percy with a coal bunker similar to that of Millie's.


Mystic Quartz is painted lavender with rainbow colored lining and her rainbow colored gem on her coal bunker.


  • There are differences in the appearance of her gemstone between A Keystone Trip and Rainbow Colored Friends:
    • It changes in colour from a rainbow to pink, purple, and blue.
    • The shape of the facet changes from diamond to a pentagon


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