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Mystic Quartz is a gem engine from Keystone Railway.


Mystic Quartz was first seen shunting cars in the background when some of the Crystal Island engines came to visit the Keystone Railway[1].

Later, she and Peacock Topaz met Bismuth and the three instantly became friends because of their matching paintworks[2].

After that, Mystic Quartz and Peacock Topaz visited Bismuth on Crystal Island. The three worked happily together there for many days[3].


Mystic Quartz is a very friendly engine and is always quick to make friends.


Mystic Quartz is a freelance design, although she slightly resembles Percy with a coal bunker similar to that of Millie's.

When she returned in Stories From Sodor:Future she was redesigned to be based on a Colombian Steam Motor engine built by Sentinel Waggon Works Ltd. All four of these engines have been scrapped. These engines were designed and built to run on metre gauge rails, whereas Mystic Quartz is standard gauge.


Originally, Mystic Quartz was painted lavender with rainbow colored lining and her rainbow colored gem on her coal bunker.

Since her redesign, she has been painted mauve with light blue lining and a light blue bufferbeam and footplate.


  • There are differences in the appearance of her gemstone between A Keystone Trip and Rainbow Colored Friends:
    • It changes in colour from a rainbow to pink, purple, and blue.
    • The shape of the facet changes from diamond to a pentagon