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There are six old tenders found on the North Western Railway. They are described as being very old, dirty and filled with boiler sludge.

Duck once used these tenders to play a trick on Henry in Tender Engines, when the latter started complaining about wanting another tender.


The old tenders are based on the LMS Fowler 3500-gallon tender and LNER J39 4200 gallon tenders.


The old tenders are painted in rust.


  • Sludge tenders were a genuine practise on the railways, particularly when the diesel era started and more LNER locomotives were scrapped leaving their tenders available for different usage.
  • One of the old tenders has "LMS" on the side, a possible reference to Henry's basis; the LMS Black 5 Class. Some of the other tenders have "NE" on the sides, indicating that they are North Eastern Railway tenders.

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