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Olivia is a purple tender engine who works on the main line. She is a mixed traffic engine, who can be seen taking goods trains most of the time.


Stories From Sodor

Season 1

When Olivia first arrived along with Brady, Brady immediately wanted to go to the Other Railway to save Kylie from scrap. So, Olivia, Brady, Emily, and Rusty later did save Kylie from scrap[1], and, a little while later, also saved Benjamin from scrap[2].

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Olivia is very much an older sister figure for Brady, Kylie, and Benjamin. She often tells them what to do, thinking she knows what's best for them. She also teases them when things go awry.


Olivia is based on a Great Northern Railway (GNR) G3 Stirling Single 4-2-2. Designed by Patrick Stirling in 1870 with 8ft 1in driving wheels and outside cylinders, these engines were specifically built for high speed expresses between London and York. These engine were also capable of hauling 280 ton trains at 50 mph, though they could reach 85 mph on lighter services. A total of fifty-three engines were built at Doncaster between 1870 and 1895, in three series introduced in 1870, 1884 and 1894 respectively; the last was withdrawn in 1916. The only surviving member of her class (No. 1) is on display at the National Railway Museum. The engine in preservation carried a small capacity Sturrock tender, which was given in its first restoration in 1910. Recently, a derelict original Stirling Single tender used as a water and sludge carrier was found in Peterborough and, after restoration, was paired with the engine in 2014. Unlike Olivia, the real engine has metal panels of the bogey wheels and the wheel arches over the driving wheels have oval-shaped vents.


Olivia is painted lavender with pink lining. She has her number "25" on her tender. She also has a pink running board. Her wheels are painted lavender with pink rims.


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