Ora is a dark green diesel engine who works at a Dockyard in Indonesia.


Stories From Sodor

Friends Around the World

When a new engine named Lumba Lumba came to Ora's Dockyard, he became upset. He then told a lie to try and get her to leave[1].

Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up

Season 2

When Ora and Emil came to visit Sodor, they met Tess and Elijah. The latter pair convinced the two diesel to help them ruin Jacob and Kevin's lives[2]. Later, Ora kidnapped Jacob, Kevin, Sierra, Emma, Analice, Jason, and Jackson and held the group hostage in a shed at the Dieselworks[3].

Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 2

One World, Many Adventures


Ora is a sadistic engine, and will do anything to keep his near dictatorship over the Indonesian Railway, having chased the previous controller out of the country.


Ora is a dark green diesel with yellow lining, and a red wheel, which he claims is venomous to keep up his threatening demeanor.



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