Ora is a dark green diesel engine who works at a Dockyard in Indonesia.


Stories From Sodor

Friends Around the World

When a new engine named Lumba Lumba came to Ora's Dockyard, he became upset. He then told a lie to try and get her to leave[1].

Jacob and Friends:All Grown Up

Season 2

When Ora and Emil came to visit Sodor, they met Tess and Elijah. The latter pair convinced the two diesel to help them ruin Jacob and Kevin's lives[2]. Later, Ora kidnapped Jacob, Kevin, Sierra, Emma, Analice, Jason, and Jackson and held the group hostage in a shed at the Dieselworks[3].

Stories From Sodor:Future

Season 2

One World, Many Adventures


Ora is a ferocious komodo dragon who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, including keep his near dictatorship over the Indonesian Railway, having chased the previous controller out of the country. He is also a sadistic engine, and holds vendettas against those that he thinks have wronged him, such as Lumba Lumba and Jacob.

He is prideful. During a fight, he prefers going in fast and mean. Though, despite his tenacity, he was still shown ready to give up after failing numerous times against Jacob and his friends.

He prefers weak, helpless victims which are down and out. When playing an act, his desires to get a little over his head sometimes[4].


Ora is a dark green diesel with yellow lining, and a red wheel, which he claims is venomous to keep up his threatening demeanor.



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