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Orange Coaches, in the television series are used on local passenger trains.


Thomas and Friends

They are usually pulled by Edward, Henry and James. These coaches were also depicted as bogie coaches. James once bumped the coaches so hard, that Jeremiah Jobling's bootlace had to be obtained to mend the broken brake pipe.


Like many coaches on Sodor, they do not appreciate being bumped by an engine, and if they are not handled properly, especially if their brake-pipe is damaged from rough treatment, they will refuse to go further, as shown when James damaged a brake-pipe for bumping his coaches and speeding.

Despite the majority of these coaches not having faces, they are were sentient in the first and second seasons. Two coaches with faces appear in Season 1, similar to Annie and Clarabel but without nameplates.

Coaches with faces have also appear in several books, annuals and magazines. Two coaches with faces have also made an appearance in the animated learning segments, however these are unique, as they have 2 faces on both ends.

List of sentient coaches:

List of known named sentient coaches:


The orange coaches are based on LB&SCR 4-wheeled coaches built to a design by Stroudley between 1872 and 1892. Several coaches of this type are preserved on the Bluebell Railway and the Isle of Wight Steam Railway.

The Red Coaches share the same basis, however they have different roof top designs and styled-brake coaches.

In the television series, the orange brake coach's guard compartments did not have the duckets that feature on the red or LB&SCR examples. Instead a piece of card or plastic over this area. They also had different styled rooftops to the ones seen on the L&SCR.

Different types of classes in the Model era: A variety of different types of classes have appear in the television series. Each of these can be identified by the amount of windows, guard's compartment and lowered bufferbeam.

Types of classes in the CGI Era:


The coaches are painted dull orange with white rooftops. Coaches with faces, have embedded faces that match their livery like Annie and Clarabel.

In the annual story, Pantomime Pranks green coaches with white rooftops are pulled by James. In the magazine story, Rain or Shine, two yellow coaches with grey rooftops and red lining were pulled by Thomas and Percy.


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